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Phantomas 2.0


Compañía Pakete Soft
Equipo de producción Programación: Santi Otañón
Gráficos: Jordi Sureda
Música/FX: Santi Otañón
Pantalla de carga: Jordi Sureda
Distribuidora Matra Computer Automations
Distribución Amateur
Año 2019
Género Plataformas
Controles Teclado, Joystick
Idiomas Español
Estado Preservado
Comentarios Beta testers: Jorge González, Atila Merino y Rubén Gutiérrez
Agradecimientos: Joseman
La versión GX4000 incluye la paleta Plus


Gama CPC+/GX4000

Gama CPC


Phantomas is an android coming from very far away, from the Andromeda Galaxy. It was specifically programmed to steal and loot. During its last mission in the Earth-Gamma planet, it was captured by the police after stealing the hidden treasure from a millionaire's mansion.
Now, it has a new mission, this time in our planet. Phantomas must adventure into the castle of the evil Count Dracula, who is spreading chaos around the region, and slay him. The goal is to reconcile with society and regain its freedom

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To complete the game you must take control of Phantomas and go through the different rooms in the castle using keys, avoiding uncountable enemies and traps, until finding the three necessary weapons to defeat the vampire count: the cross, the stake and the hammer.
During your quest, you will have to open the six magical shutters of the castle, thus allowing sunlight to enter the castle to weaken Dracula before the final battle.
Luckily, Phantomas has good information sources, and a series of clues that will be extremely useful to complete its mission. You will find the cross at the top of the castle, but to take the stake and the hammer, you will have to access the catacombs, which you will need to unlock with the scroll. Once there, remember to pickup a metallic gear, which you will have to use with the “pedal-powered generator”, a strange device that will let you jump until the most important key of all: the one that opens the chamber of Count Dracula.
Once you have the three weapons and Dracula's chamber room (which is cross-shaped) you can head to the tallest tower of the castle to engage in the final battle with your enemy.

Good luck!


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